Women's Political Leadership Circles
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Women’s Political Leadership Circles

2019 Circles


women considering a run

This Circle will began in February 2019 for any progressive woman interested yet possibly undecided about running for an elected office. Ohio’s 2019 races are for local offices (school boards, city/village councils, township trustees, etc.), and many have August filing deadlines.

This Circle can help you make the decision to run—or not—before that deadline. Additionally, if you’re considering a run in 2020 and are undecided, this Circle is also for you. Most of all, if you are certain of a run and you want to prepare yourself fully for a campaign, this is the Circle for you.

women in a campaign

The 2019 Circle for women who have decided to enter a race will begin in June, 2019, since many of the filing deadlines for local offices are August.

This Circle will be geared toward women who have begun a campaign for a 2019 local office or who are seriously considering a state or federal level office in 2020.

Please let us know if this Circle is one you’re considering…we will add you to the list and make sure you get updates on application deadlines, scheduling and other resources.

women elected to office

Once you are elected and your campaign is behind you, you settle into your office. Whatever that office and regardless of the level, you are in uncharted territory. This Circle provides you with a safe Circle of peers who know the challenges you’re facing especially if you are new to your office.

The Circle will be led by two professional women—an executive coach, Janine Moon and a psychologist and vereran campaigner, Dr. Bobbie Celeste. They will guide the process to ensure a productive and uplifting experience. This Circle will begin in the spring of 2019, so let us know if you’re interested in being considered.

...a beneficial tool in the arsenal—knowing I could bring challenges to this group and leave feeling a little more guided.
— Women's Political Leadership Circle Participant Allison Russo, State Representative